It’s natural when people start tiring of the design of a home or office space their first thoughts go to large redesigns like replacing furniture or complete remodels, this tends to hold true for indoor or outdoor spaces. However, you can completely transform any space without spending so much with some lighting updates. You can perform a basic aesthetic upgrade or integrate programmable features at the same time that will add to the functionality of your lifestyle. These fixtures and features are available to be installed one room at a time or as a whole home system, including outdoor lighting.

For your exterior spaces you can add walkway or landscape lighting or upgrade coach, security, or back patio lighting. Walkway or security lights with motion sensors adds security and convenience. All types can be programmed while home or away for convenience and security, showing the appearance of occupancy. Programming can be altered at home or remotely through your mobile device. Just like for indoor applications, there are a vast range of bulb types that fit each need.

Indoors there seems to be a few lighting features that add the most value and appeal for commercial and residential spaces alike. Choosing the right pendants, sconces, or chandeliers can update your space and can fit into any design style. Pendants are being used most for entryways, kitchen bars or islands, and dining tables. Lighting experts suggest hanging pendants 28” to 40” above the surface to be lit. Choose the best height for you based on the lighting desired (task or ambient) and considering all desired sightlines. For kitchen bars or islands with stools, make sure the pendant height is high enough to be in an overhead position when standing so you aren’t staring directly into the fixture. Sconces have long ago made their way out of hallways and can be found in virtually all spaces, continuing to grow in popularity in bathrooms.   Placing sconces on both sides of a mirror eliminates shadows and casts a more natural and youthful reflection. Chandeliers now come in all sizes and can be utilized in virtually every room. Outside of the dining room, we’ve seen them installed in the foyer, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and loggia/patio.

Whatever fixtures you choose to personalize your space, ensure that you are maximizing the impact by choosing the best bulb type, wattage, and lumens for each location. Make sure you are not just adding light, but creating an experience that enhances your home or work lifestyle. If you would like assistance in choosing the best fixtures or installing ones you already have, feel free to contact our experts at Lightning Electric.