Core Values


Core Values


We have earned our customers trust by weaving honest and ethical values throughout each aspect of our organization. Lightning Electric is known for this defining standard!


With electricity being a vital part of our everyday life, we strive to maximize it in the safest way possible. Aligning modern technologies with the goals and desires of our clients allows us to make their lives more efficient and enjoyable. Accomplishing this with the highest level of integrity and customer satisfaction is of paramount importance.


Our quality employees are valued for their safety and professionalism. We are proud of our qualified team that shares our vision for unparalleled customer service.


Our customers trust us to continue to uphold the highest safety standards in all a projects. Great care is taken to provide ongoing training to ensure the security of our customers and employees.


First class workmanship is a quality standard on all of our projects, providing customers the peace of mind that their job will be done right the first time. We always seek to work efficiently with our clients’ deadlines in mind, but do not believe in taking shortcuts. You can count on the finest level of work from Lightning Electric!


Your jobs deserve the best resources available and we are committed to utilizing the latest technologies, tools, and equipment. Combining these advancements with our team’s depth of knowledge, allows us to provide the most time and cost-effective service possible.


Customer feedback allows us to identify our strengths and improve on any opportunities for growth. We are also committed to providing ongoing education for our team members, helping them to remain experts in the field and continue to perform their jobs with quality and precision.


A primary goal at Lightning Electric is to provide our customers with a world-class experience from the first phone call to the tightening of the last screw. Our management team works diligently to coordinate, plan, and schedule in a way that facilitates the smoothest execution of our jobs and thereby eliminating frustrating issues for our customers.