While some people are still thinking about converting their bulbs from incandescent to compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), LED’s are becoming more mainstream as the most energy efficient, long-lasting option.  The answer to whether you should consider LED as an option for your home or business is, “it depends”.

If you are looking at remaining in the same location for several years, LED conversion should be a serious consideration.  The more hours a day/week a bulb burns, the faster you will see a return on the initial investment.  This is why we see so many commercial clients converting their entire facility.  For homeowner applications, this is also a good strategy if you plan on being there for 5—10 years.  If you have a limited budget, you can start by converting fixtures as the incandescent or CFL’s burn out.

Priority should also be given to fixtures that are hard to reach and specialty lighting needs like artwork.  Hard to reach areas will benefit from LED’s, with their considerably longer life resulting in less ladder climbing.  LED’s have a very low heat and UV output, making them ideal for artwork display lighting, protecting your art investment.

You will want to make sure that you are using LED’s in open or well ventilated fixtures, to maximize light output and bulb life.  LED’s do not emit a great amount of heat, but require ventilation to ensure their internal components are not overheated.

Although LED’s require a higher initial investment, this will be recovered in substantial energy savings and not replacing bulbs as often.  LED’s will last 8-50 times longer than other bulbs, depending on the type and hours used.

To have your home or office evaluated for an LED conversion, contact us today.